Thursday, 10 January 2013

Faceless Corporates or a Real Pension Plan?

The latest pontifications from the Pensions Regulator encourages employers to consider moving away from small-scale schemes on the basis that they are less likely to deliver good member outcomes. This is too broad a generalisation. Many (most?) small schemes are run well. They often have the touch and feel of the company to which they belong. They have been nurtured and promoted by local management and relate to the company, carrying something of the company ethos.
So to say ‘move to NEST or NOW or the L&G’ etc (which is what the Pension Regulator seems to imply) is effectively saying to the employer ‘wash your hands of your own scheme’ and let some faceless corporate entity take over.
A move may make some cost savings and reduce investment charges, but at what cost to genuine buy-in from the employees?

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