Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Giving it the Bird

Congratulations Pension Expert. You valiantly resisted birdie jokes alongside the article on the RSPBs underpinning of their pension scheme. Only three were in evidence: The RSPB ‘hatching a plan’ 'broader flightpath' and 'migrating assets'.

However, I have no such qualms. It seems to me the RSPB have avoided nesteggs, shunned feathering their nest, seen the wood from the trees in their flightpath and adopted an early worm approach with regard to the recovery period.

Their approach could act as a beak-on for other plans. I noticed Tom Dines was the author of the article. Trust he's eating chicken tonight. Okay, not the best bird jokes, I know. Guess I may not tweet this one. :-)

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