Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cheap Headlines

First written 19 September 2011
The headlines in the Daily Express recently read 'Pensions Crisis as Shares Collapse'. Another cheap headline.

It's true of course, but only in the context of the larger Stock Market falls worldwide affecting pretty much every investment. As I read their interview with the ubiquitous Ros Altmann, it began to occur to me that this was not them approaching her, but that she had given them the story in the first place and they ran it on the front page.

Why is she doing this? What good is it doing? You can picture the thirty year old engineer reading the article and deciding not to join the pension plan after all. You can picture the bank clerk that retired early worrying about her pension and whether it will be there in another ten years. That's the sort of harm an article like that can do.

Most companies are decent. They want to provide pensions for their employees. They will do all they can to ensure their pension plans don't go under. They could do without Daily Express headlines.

Ros Altmann would be better taking her thoughts to Stephen Webb or the NAPF. Or the CBI. Or the TUC. But not the Daily Express.

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