Thursday, 7 June 2012

Happy Hugs Day

First written 14 December 2011

Today is ‘Happy Hug Day’. It started as an annual event in Korea but thanks to social media it’s going worldwide.

So in the interests of promoting those feel-good moments, here’s a  few happy hugs for the pension industry….

  • A modestly genuine hug for Steve Webb, the Pensions Minister for knowing his subject and being honest despite the politics.
  • Some really big genuine bear hugs for the little guys –in terms of company size-  in the pension industry that punch well above their weight… Avgi Gregory at Muse, John Watson of John Watson Design, Helen Boylett-Smith at Lorica, Fred Jaffe and Trevor Cook at MPPF….. and so many more, not forgetting my wonderful friends at Anthony Hodges Consulting.
  •  And finally a pretend hug or two for the lady who keeps getting on the news and creating pensions panic, and those very nice union chaps who use pensions as an excuse to strike about all sorts of other stuff.

And if you’re reading this, consider yourself hugged.

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