Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Happiness Index

First written 1 December 2011

The latest results from the Office of National Statistics happiness survey – carried out earlier this year and interviewing over 4000 adults- shows money doesn’t make for happiness. The survey shows that as a nation we have a happiness index of 7.4 out of 10. The same score as last time, despite a real downturn in the economy.

So maybe it’s not such a big deal as to what happens to the Euro or whether George Osborne has got his maths right. Perhaps investment managers will be forgiven for backing the wrong stocks and shares.
In that context, it’s not pensions that will concern the UK population (despite the Public Sector fling yesterday), but what really does seem to be valued- jobs. Those out of work had a much lower happiness index number. Not a surprise; we want to be valued; we want to be able to provide for others. We are all of us ‘people’ people and that comes well before money.

One other possibility…. In a seemingly unrelated story in today’s press, research has found that some espresso’s served in some coffee shops are up to 6 times stronger than in other coffee shops. Maybe the ‘happiness’ interviewers were selective in their locations!

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